Currently praying for this beauty @meechymonroe . She’s going through the same brain cancer my aunt had so it’s very touching to me. Through this she experienced a few mild strokes which are effecting her speech. Even through her sickness she was still thoughtful enough to donate her hair to locks of love. Let us all pray for her speedy recovery and to touch the doctrs that will be working with her during this journey that they have renewed wisdom and that God guides their hands in whatever treatments she may need. To donate to meechys cause go to @teamnatural_ page and click the link in the bio. I will be donating some of the money i have been saving for senior year because this is near and dear to my heart. If unable to donate please continue to pray for her and her family as you know they are extremely close. God bless her #PrayForMeechy

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I’m ready for you.

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Hair cuts and such.


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